Leading Edge SRLs

Our Leading Edge SRLs address both fall force injury and severed lifeline risks associated with unfinished edge hazards. These types of hazards are often exposed during construction of floors, roofs, decks, and forms. Energy-absorbing deceleration and enhanced internal braking help preserve the integrity of the lifeline cable should a fall occur over a sharp edge.

All DuraTech® and Contractor-Series Leading Edge SRLs are available in various lengths and come equipped with:

  • High-strength anchorage carabiners
  • Galvanized steel wire rope exceeds ANSI static strength requirements
  • Advanced internal braking systems
  • Integrated ViewPack® external energy absorbers
Construction worker wearing a DuraTech Personal Leading Edge twin-leg self-retracting lifeline



The 8' FT-X™ EdgeCore™ is a lightweight patent pending personal leading edge SRL with a synthetic lifeline that meets ANSI Z359.14-2021 Class 2 leading edge standard AND with field-replaceable retractables.


The patent pending 8' FT-X™ Cable Class 2 Leading Edge Self-retracting Lifeline series engineered for those who will not compromise on safety, compliance, worker comfort, and efficiency when working at height.

Construction worker wearing a DuraTech Personal Leading Edge twin-leg self-retracting lifeline



The new FT-R™ Class 2 Leading Edge 30' SRL engineered for those who require the optimal balance of compliance, safety, and worker efficiency when working at height.


DuraTech® Personal Leading Edge SRLs are uniquely designed for positive dorsal attachment to anchorage up to 5 feet below the D-ring. An ideal solution in construction situations where sharp and abrasive leading edges present added hazards beyond height concerns.

Contractor leading edge self-retracting lifeline block hanging at jobsite



We designed the DuraTech® Leading Edge SRL for both below D-ring anchorage and overhead anchoring near exposed edges.


Our advanced Contractor Leading Edge SRLs provide functionality without compromising leading edge hazard safety.

DuraTech Leading Edge self-retracting lifeline block hanging against concrete structure