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Rail Anchor

Railroad track Anchorage for mobile, foot-level fall protection

The FallTech Rail Anchor is a quickly installed, foot-level fall arrest and restraint anchor for workers exposed to fall hazards while performing construction or maintenance on railway bridges.

When attaching the two halves of the anchor to the crown of various sizes of railroad track, and pairing with the FallTech Ironman 12’ free fall lanyard, the FallTech Rail Anchor provides workers with trailing mobility as they move between work locations - enhancing safety without reducing worker mobility

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Journeyman Flex

Lightweight Aluminum Hardware. Stitched Down Pads for Better Fit.

FallTech’s new Journeyman Flex harness features lightweight aluminum hardware, and breathable stitched-down pad sets - combining wear-ability with common sense pricing - to provide safety at heights without compromise. Journeyman Flex harnesses are offered in a wide variety of configurations to meet the toughest job demands of both construction and industry.

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New Tradesman+ & Contractor+

Two New Collections of Full Body Harnesses from FallTech

Tradesman+ and Contractor+ collection of full body harnesses infuse greater levels of comfort, fit, durability and functionality into our industry-leading Tradesman and Contractor Series harnesses.

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Contractor Leading Edge

Cutting edge fall protection for leading edge applications

The FallTech Contractor LE SRD is designed to provide the highest level of safety when working around unprotected sides and edges including leading edges. Tested to the most rigorous global standards, the Contractor LE SRD is third party certified as compliant with the leading edge test requirements of ANSI Z359.14 – 2012.

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Journeyman II TowerClimber®

Joins FallTech's TowerClimber® Series of Harnesses

Featuring 6 D-rings, dorsal, sternal, side and seat; Tongue buckle legs and quick connect chest, with a durable 6" waist pad and padded work seat sling, the Journeyman II TowerClimber®® Harness is a perfect complement to the already successful ComforTech, Journeyman and FlowTech Harnesses in the TowerClimber® Series.

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DuraTech® 9' MAX Web SRD

for maximum capacity and below D-ring tie-off

Boasting a 425 lb. capacity, the FallTech DuraTech 9’ MAX web SRD delivers maximum stopping power in a compact device. Combining the strengths of a fast-activating internal inertial brake with FallTech’s exclusive WrapPack inline shock absorber creates a robust SRD to accommodate a broad range of workers.

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DuraTech 9’ Cable SRD

Rugged fall protection for the harshest environments

The new 9’ DuraTech cable SRD is made to work where web SRD’s cannot. With a light weight yet durable glass reinforced polycarbonate housing the DuraTech 9’ provides excellent worker mobility without the weight of larger cable units.

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