Rotating Elevated SRD Anchor

a reusable anchor for flat or pitched roofs

Designed to hold a wide range of SRD bodies, FallTech Rotating Elevated SRD Anchors are temporary anchors that fasten to wood roofs, and provide 360-degree rotation of the user’s personal fall arrest system.

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Chain Roof Anchor

a reusable anchor for flat or pitched roofs

The FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is a multi-purpose and reusable anchor for use on wood roof structures in both residential and commercial environments. FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is highly portable and more durable than most single point roof anchors. Easily installed with nails, the FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is designed as a single point anchor for personal fall arrest/restraint systems.

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Suspended Cable Anchor

for concrete, steel decking and metal grating

The FallTech Suspended Cable Anchor is a versatile fall protection anchor that, when inserted through overhead openings in surfaces such as steel decking, concrete and grating, serves as a temporary or permanent overhead attachment point for a wide variety of personal fall arrest and restraint systems.

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Two New
Specialty Permanent Anchors

for Wood Frame Construction

FallTech’s Truss and Wall anchors provide a permanent safety solution for workers performing work on building exteriors and roofs.Whether used during original construction or installed for routine maintenance later, FallTech Specialty Anchors for wood frame construction provide a long-term fall protection anchor for tasks such as painting, siding, window cleaning or general construction.

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MultiUse Anchor

For Concrete and Steel

The rugged FallTech Rotating Multi-Use Anchor is designed to offer maximum flexibility, versatility and safety. Offered for use with Expansion Bolts, Concrete Screws, or grade 8 steel bolts, the FallTech Rotating Multi-Use Anchor provides custom anchorage solutions for concrete and steel applications.

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DuraTech 10'

Compact, Long-lasting SRD
Built to Work in the Harshest Environments

FallTech’s DuraTech 10’ Web Self-Retracting Device (SRD) is a compact, long-lasting SRD that’s built to work in the harshest environments and to outlast the competition.Third-party tested, and compliant with ANSI Z359.14, the DuraTech 10’ Web SRD is a tough-built Class B device with a glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing; premium abrasion-resistant webbing and fast activating inertial brake system. Fit with a swiveling aluminum eye to reduce twisting, and available with a wide variety of steel or lightweight aluminum connectors, the DuraTech 10’ is versatile and rugged enough to meet the toughest job site requirements.

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