New Mini
6' DuraTech® and
9' WrapTech®

Compact SRDs

Compact and lightweight, the Mini DuraTech 6' and WrapTech 9' SRD are highly versatile self-retracting devices providing fall protection solutions beyond the capabilities of normal lanyards.

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8’ Confined Space Tripod

Dual-pulley System Maximizes Rescue Clearance

The FallTech Tripod outperforms typical industrial confined space systems by providing ease of setup, greater lifting range and external pulleys that reduce risk of harm to the attendant. Designed to facilitate non-entry rescue techniques, the FallTech 8’ Tripod contains two integral head mounted pulleys for multi-line entry, egress and rescue.

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Ringed Plate Anchor

a single user anchor point for personal fall arrest and restraint systems

FallTech’s Ringed Plate Anchor provides a temporary safety solution for workers performing work on building exteriors and roofs. The FallTech Ringed Plate Anchor is ideal for use during tasks such as painting, siding, roofing, window cleaning or general construction.

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TowerClimber® Rope Positioning Lanyard

for use in a wide range of climbing and positioning applications

The FallTech TowerClimber® Rope Positioning Lanyard is a durable positioning device for a variety of locations where the worker needs to have their hands free and available to complete the job.

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Rotating Elevated SRD Anchor

a reusable anchor for flat or pitched roofs

Designed to hold a wide range of SRD bodies, FallTech Rotating Elevated SRD Anchors are temporary anchors that fasten to wood roofs, and provide 360-degree rotation of the user’s personal fall arrest system.

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Chain Roof Anchor

a reusable anchor for flat or pitched roofs

The FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is a multi-purpose and reusable anchor for use on wood roof structures in both residential and commercial environments. FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is highly portable and more durable than most single point roof anchors. Easily installed with nails, the FallTech Chain Roof Anchor is designed as a single point anchor for personal fall arrest/restraint systems.

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