Overhead SRLs

For traditional overhead anchorage use, all DuraTech® and Contractor-Series SRLs are designed with internal inertia braking and deceleration systems. Continuous lifeline tension provided by overhead anchoring gives users with lower fall clearance distances in a greater range of site locations, thus reducing arrest forces in the event of a fall.

DuraTech® SRLs are available with rugged, lightweight cast and machined aluminum housings with galvanized and stainless steel cable lifelines. Our glass-filled nylon housings with galvanized steel lifelines are featured on all Contractor-Series devices.

All DuraTech and Contractor-Series overhead SRLs include load-indicating swivel snap hooks with external lifeline recoil springs to help reduce drum lock-up caused by unintentional free-wheeling. Also, our DuraTech Compact Series SRLs are available with web and cable lifelines in 9- and 10-foot lengths plus 11-foot devices with Kevlar® webbing for Arc Flash protection.


The new FT-R™ Class 2 Leading Edge 30' SRL engineered for those who require the optimal balance of compliance, safety, and worker efficiency when working at height.



Precision-engineered DuraTech® SRLs give mobile users proven performance and reliability you can depend on every day. When there's no margin for error on the job, DuraTech® SRLs deliver quick stopping power with minimal force on the body and anchorage.


Fully-featured and built to last, our Contractor SRLs deliver the innovation and dependable value you expect from FallTech®. Each SRL is field-use verified and thoroughly lab tested to exceed all material and performance standards within ANSI Z359.14 guidelines.


When the job calls for shorter working lengths, FallTech® provides multiple compact SRL options with a variety of lifeline constituents to meet your needs. These compact units are available with galvanized and stainless steel cable, paired with plated and stainless steel connectors.