4 Person Horizontal Lifeline


January, 2019

4-person Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System Kit

Compton, California. January 30, 2020 - FallTech®, a U.S. manufacturer of fall protection safety solutions, announced the launch of its 4-Person Horizontal Lifeline (HLL).

To meet the needs of a challenging work environment, FallTech® offers a 4- person temporary horizontal lifeline system with premium polyester double braid rope for up to four workers.   The FallTech® temporary 4-person horizontal lifeline is a completely engineered system with all of the components necessary to quickly install a complete horizontal lifeline system without the use of tools.


  • High-strength, durable 5/8" double braid polyester rope lifeline with steel thimble and stitched end-termination
  • Exclusive line tensioner assembly with integral energy absorber and
    anchorage-end carabiner
  • Includes 4 connecting rings, 2 heavy-duty pass-through anchor straps and additional thimble-end carabiner
  • 18" gear bag provides suitable storage and transportation of the HLL system
  • 4-person HLL systems are a component of a complete PFAS and are engineered for use with user's self-retracting lifelines or energy absorbing lanyards
4-person Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System Kit



Since 1991, FallTech, a leading U.S. manufacturer, fuses all fall protection safety with technology into state-of-the-art fall protection solutions. With our in-house ISO 17025 accredited test lab, we ensure that FallTech solutions meet or exceed ANSI, CSA and OSHA standards. We are committed to our products performing in the most demanding field conditions, combined with reliable performance, value, and outstanding service.

Whether you need your job site outfitted with fall protection gear or training, our experts make it easy and help you find the right solution. Standards change. Regulations shift, but FallTech's commitment to our customer's safety is rock solid.

Press contact: Greg Rewers, FallTech, at  (800) 719-4619